Roszetta Pringle is newly certified by Wigs for Kids to properly fit and style a child with a hair replacement system.

RALEIGH,NC., November ,2017 — Still You Hair Replacements is one of the newest hair replacement companies to join the Wigs for Kids affiliate network to provide children in the community who have experienced hair loss with a natural looking replacement piece (at no cost to the child or the child’s family).  Roszetta  Pringle and her team recently attended The Jeffrey Paul Academy, receiving first-hand training in the classroom and online from Wigs for Kids Founder and Executive Director (and expert in hair loss treatment and management) Jeffrey Paul.

There are more than 7,000 salons and hair replacement centers across the country working with Wigs for Kids.  Some serving as collection points for ponytails to be used in the making of future Wigs for Kids hair pieces and others, like Roszetta Pringle, certified to measure and custom fit a child with a wig and later style it so the child looks and feels like they did before losing their hair.“We’re so proud of this opportunity to give back,” says Roszetta Pringle, Owner . “Certification from Wigs for Kids means so much to us, our community and our clients.  It’s a cause that’s close to our hearts and we’re so excited to help a child.”

At the direction of Jeffrey Paul, ones learn how to measure for and order a hair system by Wigs for Kids. “That’s number one,” says Jeffrey Paul. “It’s critical to get the measurements of the child’s head right to make sure the replacement system fits exactly and looks as close to the child’s original hair as possible.”

According to Paul, one also learn how to set up a personal profile for each child they’re working with in the Wigs for Kids system, how to prepare the wig for application – cut, color and style – and how to maintain it, which is later reviewed with the child and parents or guardian as well.

“Certification not only requires that you know how to measure for a hair replacement system and later properly fit the child with it, but that you know and fully understand what each individual child is going through emotionally and you’re able to comfort and care for them throughout the process,” says Paul. “The end result is truly amazing and life altering, but getting there can be tough for some kids.”

Paul’s custom training – offered in Cleveland at the academy or via the program’s online curriculum – consists of an intense workshop that includes viewing and discussion of step-by-step video tutorials followed by comprehensive testing to ensure one can effectively implement and manage the Wigs for Kids program in their salon and community.

“Each and every one that receives accreditation plays a crucial role in Wigs for Kids,” says Paul. “They’re true representatives for us, touching each and every child that receives a hair replacement system from us and they will continually work with this child as they want to change their look and take care of their wig.”

It takes anywhere from 15 to 30 ponytails to create a hair replacement system for a child; and the average cost of a wig is $1,800.

“In our 35 years of operation, no child served by Wigs for Kids has paid for their hair replacement system,” says Paul. “The financial support provided by our network and through fundraising events, donations or sponsoring a child, ensures that we can continue to meet the needs of these children.”

Interested in supporting Still You Hair Replacements and Wigs for Kids, or know a child in need of a hair replacement system, contact Arnessa Vaughnan at 919.844.7769 and

Wigs for Kids, founded in 1981 by Jeffrey Paul, provides complimentary hair replacement systems to children who have suffered hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia, burns or other medical circumstances. The organization also serves to educate the medical community and the public on the issues, challenges and available options for these children. Wigs for Kids is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization with global headquarters in Westlake, Ohio (a suburb to downtown Cleveland).

Find more information about the organization at

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