Temporary hair loss does not have to be devastating. Before the cancer journey my hairstyle was layered and medium length. After the 1st chemo treatment my hair began to shed a little at a time. Wigs just did not work! hot, bulky, Itchy and the style robbed me of my personal image ones who knew me recognized.

Cutting my hair before the chemo was great because I did not want the cancer to take control of me. I seeked help from my dear friend Roszetta, who for years, I’ve always trusted for my hair care. My customized chemo hair prosthetic made life easy. Sharing my diagnosis was my choice! The personalized measurements, color, hair density and style allowed me to feel like me.

If you know someone experiencing the journey of chemo. loss of hair or they don’t know where to turn,we are here to help. We are excited to make a difference!

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