Our Story

Love the hair you wear

Our Why

Our focus is to create happiness and joy within women who experience hair thinning or total hair loss due to Alopecia.   Our goal is to provide personalized hair assessment regimens.   Solutions are provided for each life style needs, with lifestyle hair they can wear anywhere, anytime.  The spirit of each individual is different and we find pleasure in helping to find themselves again.”

My passion for the hair loss community stimulated 15 years ago when my father was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  My father focused more on his vanity and pride than the illness.  My skills couldn’t treat the disease, but I was able to provide a personalized hair solution to replace the hair he so feared losing.  Later, the need to deliver solutions to women with thinning hair and total hair loss (Alopecia) became a huge focus for me.  In memory of my father, the cancer community is dearest to my heart.   Once the patients start their treatment regimens, they and my father have one thing in common: fear of losing hair.

~ Roszetta Pringle

Our Services

Trichology Initial Evaluation

Microscopic Scope

Early detection of dry, itchy or oily scalp avoids problematic areas on the scalp.  A microscopic scope detects clogged follicles, scaly skin, oily scalp which causes hair loss and hair minaturation.  The number of scoping needed per person yearly depends on the information gathered during the assessment.  One may need the 2nd step to avoid hair thinning and hair loss. Beautiful hair starts with a great scalp environment by getting to the root of the problem.

Scalp Exfolitation

Scalp exfoliation cleanses beyond a normal shampoo process to renew the scalp.  Removal of concerns found during the assessment will keep the levels of hydration under control.

Hair Management/Hair Therapy

Hair Management consistent of planned hair therapy treatments.  These treatments coat the hair shaft to retain moisturize and strength.  The results are hair health which leads to frizz, density, length and hair manageability.

Hair Replacement

One size doesn’t fit all.  The Hair loss Expert will determine a practical solution to your hair replacement needs.   Hair is replaced where hair is needed.  More hair is added to increase volume and to replace the hair loss due to Alopecia or Chemo/ Radiation.  Private sessions are requested to determine your best solution.

Tailored Session

This session is required to create a Personal profile, personalized measurements, style and color selection.  This service tailors a Life style hair replacement to mimic your natural look or a new you!

Why Choose Us

Hair Improvement

Still You Hair Replacements offers program regimens, product support and home maintenance care which allows improvement in the health of your hair and scalp.

Personalized Services

Our daily mission is to share the reason you love the hair you wear by providing you personalized services to manage the hair you have, restore the hair you were once happy with or to replace the hair you once had.

Our Philosophy



We believe in our guests understanding what hair is and how the scalp contributes to the health of hair.  Our hope is when one understands the requirements of hair health they change what was to what’s needed.



Hair health requires education, understanding and a commitment of actions to achieve hair health, management and the replacement of hair which one has lost due to medical, genetic or alternative solutions.


Individual Solutions

We provide Individualized hair solutions to prevent restore and replace hair for women who desire the overall look of health and beauty to feel beautiful from the inside out.

Let’s Work Together

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