Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How will I keep the hair on my head?
A:  D
epending on your particular needs, adhesive medical tapes or, clips or combs are used,.Q: What is the wig base made of?
A: Fine, breathable materials to assure excellent ventilation for the scalp and hair.

Q: Will my hair shed?
A: Shedding due to chosen hair quality of all options is very low. 

Q: Will color change?
A: Synthetic hair will keep true color longer than a human hair. It is suggested to get occasionally color rinse periodically to ensure total shine for human hair.

Q: Will insurance pay for my custom hair?
A: Most insurance will cover a portion of cost. We encourage you to call your insurance provider for benefits of a prosthetic. We will provide receipt of full cost service. 

Q: Should I buy 1 or 2 custom hair?
A: It is recommended to purchase two (2) custom hair to maintain consistency of image during the repair process.

Q: What products do I need to maintain my custom hair?
A: Professional advice will be discussed per individual need.

Q: What styling tools can I use?
A: Recommended styling tools by the professional only is suggested.

Q: Do I have parting versatility?
A: Yes, hair strands are placed individually to assure multi-directional styling.

Q: Are your systems suitable for people with medical challenges?
A: Yes. We have a great deal of experience working with individuals with a variety of auto-immune challenges and can help you with your needs.

Q: Are the systems affordable?
A: Custom hair is a lifestyle investment. Each one is competitively priced, consistent with the high-quality materials we use and superior craftsmanship we offer. Hair systems and pricing can vary depending on type and length of hair​. We will discuss payment options during a consultation.

Q: Are these systems like the lace wigs I’ve seen online or in the beauty supply stores?
A: No. Those lace wigs type are mass produced and are not designed for long-term wear. Custom fit and style is how we differ from online purchases.

Q: How long will my custom hair last?
A: Usually depending on design, 1 to 2 custom hair is needed per year.

Q: Can I get it wet?
A: Yes! All custom hair options are designed with 100% human hair unless otherwise discussed.

Q: Which method of payments do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, Master Card, Debit and cash. We offer United Medical Credit to assist with monthly payments if needed.

Q: Are there fees for consultations?
A: Yes, 30-min consultations are advised to discuss service options. The fee is $45.00. 

​Q: What products are necessary to ensure proper care of my investment?
A: It is suggested all custom hair is cleansed with recommended hair care products to ensure longevity/quality of hair on a weekly basis.

er your questions 24/7/365.

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