Still You Hair Solutions offers program regimens, product support and home maintenance care  which allows improvement in the health of your hair and scalp.  Our  daily  mission is to share the reason you love the hair you wear by providing  you personalized services to manage the hair you have , restore the hair you were once happy with or to  replace the hair you once had.

– Roszetta Pringle, Founder

Reasons for Hair Loss

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Beautiful Hair

The process of beautiful hair starts with hair assessments to gather data of ones existing hair health.  To maintain or restore hair health, solutions are determined and discussed with each client.  Follow up visits are suggested for the maintenance of Beautiful Hair not for today, but, future years.

Scalp First

Beautiful hair starts with a great scalp environment.  We look beyond the naked eye with the help of a microscopic scope to detect the health of follicles and scalp skin.  Number of scope views depends on the information gathered in the assessment.

Hair Replacement

We believe the replacement of hair should be only where hair is needed.  Custom hair provides lifestyle hair one can wear anywhere anytime with you in mind. The best boutique manufacturers are used to complete the custom designs decided by the hair loss expert for your individual needs.

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Wigs For Kids

Wigs For Kids

Brooke Jackson, MD, FAAD

Brooke Jackson, MD, FAAD

Board Certified Dermatologist Cosmetic, Medical and Surgical Dermatology

From Our Clients

“For the first time in over a year, I looked to this day; no one knows it’s a hair replacement except those that I have chosen to tell.   I looked like me again!  It took me a year to find Roszetta, but I can assure you that it was well worth the wait.” 

Audrey M.

“Alopecia has really put a damper on my self-confidence;. however, I realize that I am more than just my hair. Still You Hair Replacements means that I have options to maintain self-confidence despite the alopecia”. 

Jane R

“I recently got another custom hair option which fits my current needs even better!! She’s such a blessing in my life and I am very thankful. Having my hair has given me confidence and helped me feel beautiful.” 

Adrianna S.

“Still You Hair Replacements helps me look my best through good, bad and unforeseen times. Great service with a smile, joy and laughter”.

C. Jones

“Excellent care for my hair. Individualized care and not cookie cutter advice. Excellent service and staff”.

Cherry M

“Because of her and her excellent servi ce for kids, Tyler now has a beautiful head of hair and an incredible amount of confidence. Tyler started a new school this year and because of his hair, he feels confident, and his outgoing personality is now shining.”

Kim & Tyler W.

“You can still have the hair you use to or desire to have”.
C. Burnett
“I have been wearing custom hair made by Roszetta for years. Although each custom hair is an investment, the value is unparalleled to any other hair system. My custom hair typically lasts for 12-16 months.

Laticia T.

“A place where I can go and be taken care of without judgment and be comfortable with myself. I love the level of professionalism the staff has and the privacy it provides and suits each individuals’ needs.” 

Sierra S.

“World class service to make the you in me enhanced”. 
P. Riggsbee

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Hair Growth & Fallout Stages

Hair Growth & Fallout Stages

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