Cooler weather is approaching and with it often comes, a dry and or itchy scalp.  Dandruff typically begins or gets worse during the winter months. Symptoms of this type of dandruff can include an itchy scalp and visible white flakes of dry dead skin. This is usually caused by the cold dry air outside, as well as the warm dry air indoors, which is caused by many heating systems.

Did you know that, in addition, your scalp can often be the first indicator of the beginnings of Hair Loss.  Scalp care is essential to healthy hair!  It’s why we offer full Microscopic Scalp Analysis that let’s us see a view that’s 400X that of our natural eye sight!  We can identify unwanted oils, product buildup, clogged follicles, and more.  This allows us to create a customized roadmap to increase circulation, remove buildup and open the follicles for better hair growth!  For the month of September, SAVE $20 on your service!  Reserve your appointment today!  Call us at 919-844-7769 – and if you combine it with the Scalp Renew treatment mentioned below, you’ll SAVE $50!!  When was the last time you exfoliated your scalp?

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from your skin for more vibrancy and healthy hair strands! Here at Still You we offer an intensive treatment called Scalp Renew. Whether you’re challenged with dry or itchy scalp or want to protect against Hair Loss in the next 3-5 years, this treatment is a great choice!

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